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ADAS Calibration in Jacksonville, FL

Ensuring On-Road Safety And Performance

Increase Safety And Ease Of Driving

ADAS, short for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, is crucial in enhancing driving safety and convenience for drivers and those sharing the road. For ADAS calibration in Jacksonville, FL, motorists turn to the proven professionals at Serrano Paint & Body. ADAS is an umbrella term encompassing features like blind-spot monitoring, parking assistance, backup cameras, and adaptive cruise control. All are designed to make your driving experience smoother and more secure. The question arises: why is ADAS calibration necessary? Life is unpredictable, and recalibrating your ADAS becomes essential after incidents like collisions, windshield replacements, changes in tires or ride height, or if ADAS warning lights are illuminated. Our ASE- and I-CAR-Certified technicians have the training, skill, and high-tech tools to recalibrate any make or model. We understand the significance of technologies such as lane departure warnings in preventing accidents caused by lane drifting. ADAS calibration is part of our collision repair services, so you have peace of mind that your vehicle’s safety features are in good working order. We’re committed to ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of your ADAS system, providing you with driving confidence.

Certified ADAS Calibration

Safeguarding drivers with its protective web, ADAS acts as a crucial safety barrier for your vehicle, and the last thing you’d want is a gap in that net. ADAS calibration is an advanced process requiring high-tech equipment, which is precisely where the Serrano Paint & Body team comes in. Recognizing that each vehicle possesses unique ADAS calibration requirements, our certified techs use state-of-the-art equipment at our Jacksonville location to precisely align and calibrate your vehicle. From anti-lock brakes to lane departure warnings, these indispensable tools are necessary on the streets of northeast Florida. Our pros assess your car to determine if you need static or dynamic calibration. While static calibration is conducted in-house, recalibrating sensors without driving the vehicle, dynamic calibration occurs while the car is in motion. No matter the approach, our team is dedicated to assisting you, answering your questions, and restoring this critical safety feature. If you see your ADAS warning light come on, stop by our location at 8110 103rd St Jacksonville, FL 32210 so we can have a look. We aim to ensure you’re driving safely in the vehicle you know and trust. To schedule an estimate or book an appointment, call us at (904) 771-7255.

Five-Star Service

For professional ADAS calibration, turn to the dependable experts at Serrano Paint & Body. Our Jacksonville, FL, location boasts ASE- and I-CAR-Certified technicians and cutting-edge equipment to assist with your post-accident needs, including collision repair services, auto body painting, ADAS calibration, and more. The days following an accident can be overwhelming, but our team is here to help you through it. From our comprehensive estimates to working with your insurance company and collision repair services you can trust, we’ll be here for you to ease your mind and restore your confidence behind the wheel. Our five-star reviews speak for themselves. If you’ve been in an accident or your ADAS warning light comes on, schedule an appointment so we can get to work getting you mobile again. Use our complimentary shuttle to keep you on schedule and lessen the burden of collision repair services. See why drivers in Jacksonville have made us their number-one choice for restoring their vehicle following an accident.